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File Viewer Plus Full Crack
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File Viewer Plus Full Crack

Software File Viewer Plus Crack
Category Utilities & Tools
Current Version v4.0
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File Viewer Plus 4 Latest Crack initiates up to 400 file formats. Inspect dozens of general file samples, before-mentioned being Office reports, PDFs, including image files, only with an individual program. Run up to hundreds of audio plus video file formats by the special built-in media flash. Decompress archives with the file decompression tool. You can also decode less common file setups with File Viewer Plus 4 Activation Key. Inspect Microsoft Project and Visio reports. Open root system files with syntax highlights. Prepare email accessories and free downloads. If you own unknown files on your PC, try File Viewer Plus Full Version.


Support for Over 400 File Formats:

  • Text Documents (.DOC, .DOCX, .ODT, .RTF, etc)
  • PDFs (.PDF)
  • Spreadsheets (.XLS, .XLSX, .CSV, .TSV, etc)
  • Presentations (.PPT, .PPTX, .ODP, etc)
  • Visio Diagrams (.VSD, .VSDX, .VDX, etc)
  • Microsoft Project Files (.MPP, .MPT, .MPX)
  • Images (.JPG, .HEIC, .PSD, .CR2, .DNG, etc)
  • Audio Files (.MP3, .M4A, .OGG, .WAV, .WMA, etc)
  • Video Files (.AVI, .MP4, .MOV, .VOB, .WMV, etc)
  • Compressed Archives (.ZIP, .RAR, .7Z, .GZ, etc)
  • Email Files (.EML, .EMLX, .MSG, Winmail.DAT, etc)
  • Source Code Files (.CPP, .PHP, .JSON .XML, etc)

All-New File Browser:

  • Browse files and folders on your PC
  • View file thumbnails and previews
  • View previews for PDFs, Word documents, photos, and more
  • Save favorite folders for quick access
  • Drag and drop folders to view their contents
  • Easily navigate between File Viewer Plus and Windows Explorer
  • Display file and folder properties
  • Show hidden files and folders
  • Sort files by name, date, type, and size
  • View file thumbnails in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes
  • Navigate directories with the navigation tree
  • Open folders from the Windows context menu

Customizable User Interface:

  • HiDPI support
  • Select light or dark mode
  • Apply several different color themes
  • Choose simplified ribbon, classic ribbon, or compact window mode
  • Select single or multi-window program mode
  • Open multiple files in different tabs
  • Display files side-by-side in split view
  • Specify custom window size

Powerful Word Processor:

  • Open Microsoft Word documents and many other formats
  • Edit documents with the built-in word processor
  • Adjust page formatting
  • Insert charts, photos, and other graphics
  • Save edited documents
  • Export files to several different output formats, including PDF
  • Print documents using custom margins and paper sizes

Image Viewer and Editor:

  • View over 50 different image formats
  • Display multipage TIFFs
  • Play animated GIFs and APNGs and export individual frames
  • Crop, resize, and enhance photos
  • Adjust image color, brightness, contrast, and gamma
  • Apply built-in effects or create custom image filters
  • Export images to several different formats
  • Print image files with custom page formatting

DICOM Viewer:

  • View DICOM medical images (.dcm, .dicom)
  • Open DICOM Encapsulated PDF-formatted files
  • Display multi-frame DICOM files
  • Recognize and open DICOM files without a file extension
  • Display metadata, such as facility and patient information
  • Export DICOM files to JPEG, PNG, or other standard image formats

Email Viewer:

  • Open saved or exported email files (.eml, .emlx, .msg)
  • View To, From, Cc, Bcc, Subject, and Date fields
  • View HTML, RTF, and plain text emails
  • Display images embedded in the body of HTML emails
  • Open and save embedded attachments
  • Print email content and save as PDF

Source Code Editor:

  • Open and edit dozens of source code file types
  • Display syntax highlighting for dozens of programming languages
  • View the syntax tree, line numbers, and rulers
  • Use code folding to hide and show different sections of source code
  • Save edited source code files

Batch Converter:

  • Convert hundreds or thousands of files at once
  • Select individual files or entire folders including subfolders
  • Choose custom file conversion options
  • Specify custom file renaming settings
  • Save and load conversion presets

File Identifier and Inspector

  • Identify unknown files with a built-in database of over 10,000 file formats
  • Recognize files without extensions by file header (binary signature)
  • Inspect file contents in raw text and hexadecimal views
  • Discover hidden information stored inside files
  • View file properties and metadata
  • Display full image EXIF data
  • Show MD5 hash information and MIME types

Full Cracked Version Features:

Look at file attributes and metadata
Regularly query what’s sneaky information is stored inside your files? Get out with File Viewer Plus Serial Key!

The software demonstrates both file attributes and metadata for all files you open. Observe EXIF data for photographs, such as digital photos including camera raw files. Opening codecs for audio and video file formats. See the creator and origin data for documents. Use File Viewer Plus Latest Version board to show cryptic data inside all varieties of files.

Examine your files
Drag and drop any file onto File Viewer Plus.

In the rare case that File Viewer Plus cannot present the primary look at the file, you can use the Text and Hex shows to examine the file contents. Certain views let you see “secret” the file, rendering invaluable data, notably for undiscovered and new file formats. You can even explore the content stored in the file!

The Icon view allows you to view all sizes of the file’s icon.

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